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International Ultras
Extreme Ultrarunning
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Health Calculators
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Google News
The International Herald Tribune

Where to do Research
Latin English Dictionary
IT Encyclopedia
Yahoo Reference
Legal Encyclopedia
The Wayback Machine
Used and out of print book search
Movie Database
Edmunds Car Database
Who Is
Urban Legend Research
Best places to live and relocate
Links to sites on locations, maps, coordinate calculators, satellite imagery
Famous quotations
Straight answers to odd questions
Vital records research
Great encyclopedia
Investor dictionary

Quotes, News, Etc.
Yahoo Finance
American Bulls
List of exchange traded funds
Market maker information

Technical Analysis, Screening, Tools
Level 2 Quotes
Stock Fetcher
Excel plug in - stock quotes in spreadsheet
Microsoft help file for stock quote in spreadsheet
CBS Marketwatch intraday screening

Market Info and Analysis
Kirk Report
A link to a long list of links

Statistics and Social Research
When do I use what statistical test, and how do I set it up in SAS or SPSS???

Even more, when do I choose what statistical test???
And even more, when do I use what test - pdf file
Great Stats resource!!!
Statistics Textbook
Social Research
APA Style - Link 1
APA Style - Link 2
APA Style - Link 3


Guide to Economic Resources (Thanks Shawn!)
Econ Data and Links
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Council of Economic Advisors Report
Basic Economic Data at Info Please
The Conference Board
Statistical Data Locators
University of Michigan Consumer Confidence
FRB Beige Book
Econoquest: Statistical Research Page
RFE - Resources for Economists
Link to lots of links offering economics data

Papers/articles/books/other education
Creative Destruction
Grand list of articles on Economics - An encyclopedia
Economic Journals on the Web

History of Economic Thought - Very comprehensive site
McMaster University Archive on Economic Thought
Economic History, From the Dictionary of the History of Ideas
Econometrics for Business
From the Fed - What is Monetary Policy
Good economics glossary
Everything you want to know about the History of Economic Thought
Economics and Computing

Looking around...
Pluralism in Economics Education (PDF)
Heterodox Economics
Heterodox Economics Newsletter
Cooperative Individualism
Hayek Center
Von Mises
Adam Smith
Society for the Development of Austrian Economics
Marx Internet Archive
Association for Social Economics

How to Build and Maintain Your Credit

Inflation Calculator
Margin of Error for Population Sample